About the Author

Andrew Saunders

At the age of fourteen I came bottom of the class for History. When I was fifteen, I was near the top!

I've been interested in history ever since - taking it at A-level and University. But I never became a History teacher - apart from one year in a school in Uganda. Imagine teaching Anglo-Saxon History to African and Asian children. I don't think it made much sense to them! I hope this History of Frome makes a bit more sense to you - at least you might recognise some of the buildings from the photographs.
I retired to Frome in 2005 and started writing short-stories and novels. I also read some of the local history books and suddenly had this crazy idea of writing a historical novel especially for pupils at either of the Frome middle-schools - Oakfield and Selwood - although that doesn't stop anyone else reading it, whatever your age!
I've tried to make sure the history in the story and notes is correct. That isn't always easy. Sometimes the writer of one history book doesn't agree with another writer. And a word of warning to those of you who don't like History: if I could change from not liking history to loving it in just a few months, it could happen to you! (Actually, I hope it does!)

A bit more about me: I was born and brought up in Bournemouth then went to University in Leeds (full of fog and dirt in those days). My wife and I moved to the West Country in 1971 and have lived here ever since (apart from six years near Bournemouth). We have four children - three boys and a girl, all grown up, and two small grandchildren. Two of the boys have helped me set up this web-page and prepared The Doors Of Time for publication both as a printed book and an e-book.